Tourist selfie by Andreas in front of one of Bremerhaven’s many depressing monuments.20180716_100100

My Uncle refers to seasonal visitors as ‘Tourons’. I have been both a tourist and have lived in a tourist town. I don’t like either. I dislike the idea of standing out as someone who doesn’t belong and will be leaving soon. When I lived in a beach town we wrinkled our noses when we used this word.

When I’m in a new place I do my best (which is hard if you know me) not to stand out. I like to walk around as if I’ve always lived there. I’m uncomfortable as a stranger. Here, in Germany I could maybe pass as German, I’m sure there are some other Gingers around here somewhere? When I open my mouth however, I’m a goner. Even if I can say the word or sentence I need, the accent is way way off. Thus, I’ve been laying low and feeling self-conscious since we arrived.

This weekend Andreas’ parents visited from Neustadt, Germany which is east of here by about four hours. (Andreas says there are at least twenty towns in Germany with this name??) Even though they are German this town is new for them too. Since Andreas and I are the “locals” it was our job to show them around and find fun things to do. This forced us all to embrace being tourists.

Mutti knitting socks for Molly.20180714_20333020180715_111144Andreas and Vati catch up on Andreas’ latest research and photos.20180714_210628

Christa AKA Mutti loves adventure, travel and exercise, she is also an upcycling queen. Lothar AKA Vati keeps up pretty well. They’re in great shape at eighty-two and eighty-four. During the weekend we walked the few blocks to the water from our apartment and visited the Klimahaus (Climate Museum).  At one point we were looking at another long set of stairs in the museum and I was concerned that they might be tired. I asked Christa if maybe Andreas should check things out and report back. She looked at me very concerned and said, “Do you have some trouble with the stairs?”……no ma’am, I’ll go first. Ha-ha

A brave Mutti walks above the fish.20180714_152337In the Heaven room20180714_153028

The view from the top of the museum.20180714_154801

The next day we joined a harbor cruise on the Weser Estuary to see life from the other side of the dike. In this town that means a tour of container ships and giant cranes. Yup, luckily, I couldn’t understand anything the tour guide guy was babbling on about and I had fun playing with my camera until the battery died.

IMG_1852Seasoned sailorsIMG_1873

That evening we went to our favorite (so far) local Irish bar to watch the last game of the World Cup. Nice job France and Pussy Riot! A few beers later and we were holding on to each other giggling down the street.

Vati hoping France wins20180715_184240

All in all, a very fun, touristy time with lovely people. I need to relax a little and let the good times roll, I’m going to be the tourist over and over again this year.

Silly people in the sun after a fun night.20180715_194032

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