Exploding Whale Beach

Searching for a place to sleep on the Oregon Coast, Andreas discovered Exploding Whale Beach Camp as an Airbnb destination a few weeks ago. He was not going to show me at first, because he thought it was a strange listing. [He must not know me very well yet.] Yes, a whale was exploded violently :


Our “room” was a 1965 Airstream trailer parked a block or so from the dunes. The walk to the beach was an adventure of its own and a little tricky to find. Our host told us to look for a small A-frame house across from a geodesic dome to find a Hobbit trail. Okay…Hobbit trail, what does this look like?

We walked up and down the street for a few minutes before we noticed a small dark hole in the bushes. The bushes stretched for a quarter of a mile through a hollow depression between ridges of dunes before reaching the beach. Here and there the trail descended sharply into a very dark, small passageway a couple of feet wide and five feet tall at the highest. Passing a snakey looking marsh, we climbed the last sandy dune before descending onto the beach littered with driftwood of all shapes and sizes.

A few kite flyers and dog walkers inhabited the wide, windy, beach. We discovered a Velella Velella which we were able to identify thanks to my smart Facebook friends who quickly warned us not to touch it, because it looked like a poisonous jellyfish called a”Portuguese man o’war.”

sea creature

Returning home after a few hours, we pushed back through the Hobbit Trail to the Airstream for a poorly planned dinner of bread, salami and cheese. We did remember a bottle of wine and wine glasses, though so all was well. We spent a peaceful night falling asleep to a light rain dancing on the metal roof.



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